Membership Information

Specific requirements for membership are contained in the National By-laws.

CVMA Membership comes in three forms:

Full Member (FM): If you are a combat veteran who is serving, or who has served, in the United States Armed Forces and ride a motorcycle you could be eligible for membership with the CVMA. If you were active duty, reserve, or National Guard and you deployed to a combat theater of operations, you are a qualified applicant. You must own, operate, and carry current insurance on a motorcycle of 30.50 cubic inches (500cc) or above. Veterans, active duty, reserve, and National Guard personnel must be prepared to show proof of combat military service or deployment, on official DOD stationary or form.


Auxiliary (AUX): Must be the spouse, widow, or widower of a Full or Support member and provide proof by Marriage License and/or Death Certificate.


Support Member (SUP): Must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. Must be sponsored by a FM and complete needed riding criteria as set forth in the By-laws, and provide documentation of service. Support membership has specific limitations.


To learn more about required documents or limitations, please read the by-laws or use the contact form below and a Chapter Officer will contact you.

Texas Chapters

23-1:  Dallas                           23-1A: Wichita Falls
23-2:  El Paso
23-3:  San Antonio
23-4:  Houston
23-5:  Killeen/Fort Hood
23-6:  Fort Worth
23-7:  Austin
23-8:  Corpus Christi
23-9:  Bryan/College Station
23-10:  Waco
23-11:  Sulpher Springs
23-12:  San Angelo             23-13:  Beaumont                23-14:  Tyler                         23-15:  Rio Grande Valley​  23-16:  Beeville                     23-17: San Marcus             23-18: Amarillo                     23-19: Buchanan Dam        23-20: Cleburne                    23-21: Canyon Lake           23-22: Midland/Odessa

About Us

-To promote interest in various forms of motorcycle activity associated with Veterans.

-To create and maintain camaraderie among Combat Veterans from all U.S. Branches of Service and its allies.

-To support Veteran Organizations.

-To raise awareness for the plight of POWs, MIAs and their families.

-To conduct Association functions and activities in a manner befitting the members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and as well as the association’s Auxiliary Members.

-To encourage a better understanding of motorcycle riders as a constructive sport among members of the public, press, and law enforcement agencies.

CVMA 23-12 Concho Valley

10TX 23-12 History

In May of 2001 the CVMA formed as a joint endeavor within the VFW and adopted the CVMA/VFW patch. In December 2002 the CVMA membership voted to move on towards the separate Association it wanted to be and split from the VFW as a joint organization. On December 15, 2002 the CVMA voted to wear a combination of the CVMA background and the old skull logo as a one-piece patch. Membership requirements for a new member required being a Combat Veteran and riding a motorcycle as a hobby. In April 2007, 29 CVMA members called Texas home and they spawned the first Texas chapter. The chapter grew 4 detachments across the state that became the first four chapters. By Feb 23, 2010, a Central Texas chapter was created as TX 23-5. Out of this chapter, a detachment grew in the areas around Abilene and San Angelo known as 23-5a. By November 2013, the detachment had grown to 18 members and on Thanksgiving day, 2013, the detachment voted to request approval to become it's own chapter and was designated as TX 23-12 based out of San Angelo, TX known as the Concho Valley Chapter. Since then, 10 more chapters in Texas have been approved and 23-12 has spawned 2 of those new chapters (Amarillo & Midland) and formed a new Detachment (Abilene).


The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association is formed for the betterment of communication and camaraderie between other Motorcycle Associations, Veterans Organizations, and/or Motorcycle Groups. Specifically: